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Johnny Thai x LOUPN

ADesigned in collaboration with men's fashion content creator
Johnny Thai @flywithjohnnythai, the ASCEND Collection
represents our tied beliefs on always choosing to move forward in life, courageously making strides, and inspiring our community
& the next generation to rise up.  


The ASCEND collection reflects our effort to build partnerships, learn through each other, and strengthen our community.

ASCEND Collection
ASCEND Collection

Our pieces are made to be a symbolic, encouraging reminder of that commitment to collaborating and working together. And to encourage others facing darkness & challenges to keep moving forward and rise up.
Because we believe your hardest times lead to the greatest moments of your life. 

 "I grew up in poverty, at one point living with 18 other family members in a 1000sq/ft house. I didn’t see my parents that much growing up because they’d work 2 or even 3 jobs just to take care of us. I knew they struggled but they didn’t complain, they just moved forward. Some might see that as a disadvantage, I saw that as a great example.

Witnessing them work that much to provide for my family indirectly inspired me to never give up. To keep improving and ascending. Which, hopefully, my actions will inspire the next generation the same way my parents inspired me. Ascending not only helps yourself but everyone around you."

Johnny Thai @flywithjohnnythai
ASCEND Cuff Bracelet

Designed for accessibility 

You will find the cuff bracelet friendly for those with physical challenges.

Durable, sustainable materials

Each product is made with 100% sustainable precious metal sterling silver ensured to last a life time.

Truely made by hand

Each piece is individually crafted for this special collection.