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Benjamin Holtrop x LOUPN
Be Water Limited Collection

Be Water Collection

"As a stylist, I wanted to design & create jewelry pieces that encapsulated a nostalgic feeling of finding “beautiful things” and expressing yourself through them. The “Be Water Collection” is about capturing that summer shimmer & embracing the heat of the night."

Our Inspiration

"Ever since I can remember I’ve been intrigued by beautiful things. For me, Summer reminds me of endless days as a farm kid filled with this idea of collecting them."

Benjamin as a baby
Be Water Coin Bracelet

"The silver shimmer of water reflecting on the bottom of the pool. The warmth of the golden sun melting the glittery water crystals clinging to my skin while burning the tops of my ears."

"Diving for nickels & dimes until the warmth begins to fade & dusk turned into muggy summer evenings where I would run through our fields picking the bright yellow dandelions & tucking them behind my ears trying not to spill pockets full of loose change."

Benjamin as a baby
Be Water Coin Earring & Necklace

It was this nostalgic feeling of finding “beautiful things” and expressing myself through them that inspired The “Be Water Collection.”

Be Water Coin Necklace
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Designed for Accessibility 

Toggle bar clasp for easier wear & removal for people with physical challenges.

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Sustainable Materials

Made with sustainable precious metal sterling silver made to last a life time

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Each piece is unique as they are handcrafted for this special limited run 

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