Coming Home

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LOUPN Coming Home

AInspired by our founder, Grace, and her journey to find her way home, the COMING HOME Collection
represents our wish for everyone to feel a sense of belonging.

Stemming deep Korean roots, the COMING HOME Collection reflects the connection with the aesthetics of traditional Korean designs, the embracing of our personal identity, and the hope of unity to build a better future.

LOUPN Coming Home
LOUPN Together & Korean Trigram Rings

This collection includes an exclusive piece designed in collaboration with MAUM (MAUM Market and MAUM Korean Goods). The Korean Trigram Ring is a representation of the power of community and the movement of MAUM to build partnerships across Asian-owned small businesses. 

As many people, especially immigrants, experience loneliness in a new place, the LOUPN family will always strive to bring together a warm sense of community for everyone.

We'd love for everyone to join in our community of individuals who wishes to think positively, and in pursuit of something greater than ourselves.

LOUPN Watch Chain Bracelet

I am… Beloved.
I am… Together.
I am… Curious.
I am… Curved.
I am… Hugs.
I am… Supported.
I am… Surrounded.
I am… Graceful.
I belong.

LOUPN Choco Mushroom Earrings

Designed for inclusivity 

Our genderless and simple designs are friendly for all ages, genders, and those with physical challenges.

Durable, sustainable materials

Each product is made with 100% sustainable precious metal sterling silver ensured to last a life time.

Truely made by hand

Each piece is individually crafted for this special collection.