Here to Stay

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Benjamin Holtrop x LOUPN

AInspired by our Korean roots and immigration from South Korea to California, the Here to Stay Collection represents the three components required to thrive in a new land: legacy to carry forward, courage and grit to keep going, and hope to build a better future for our future generations. 

We're here to stay

Our collection embraces our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here to Stay is in part a response to the recent rise in violence and attacks toward the Asian and Black communities. It's time to stand up for and celebrate ourselves.  

Benjamin as a baby
Be Water Coin Earring & Necklace

There's a message of courage and hope within every piece. Move forward, and take a breather to embrace the peace and beauty in all of the small moments of life.

Be Water Coin Necklace

Designed for accessibility 

You will find a toggle bar clasp on our bracelet for those with physical challenges.

Durable, sustainable materials

Each product is made with 100% sustainable precious metal sterling silver ensured to last a life time.

Truely made by hand

Each piece is individually crafted for this special collection.